From spark to inferno

A repost from the blog of artist, teacher and creative encourager Tara Leaver …. from spark to inferno :: the story of a creative spark August 4, 2014 By Tara Leaver This post is by Jo Collyer, a participant in both the Creative Spark ecourse and Artist Inspired, and a generous {and trusting!} volunteer practice […]

A proper English tea

Like many of my romantic inclinations, I whiled away hours of my youth reading novels by such english authors as Enid Blyton then Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy and Elizabeth Gaskell. Tolkien, Auel and other fantasy style novels. My favourite poem was penned by William Wordsworth ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud ….’. […]

Looking for peace in all the wrong places

Marathon travelling for a four year old. Four am start. Long queues, long sitting. Hilly twisty roads designed for car sick prone little girls to empty their stomachs. On arrival, sugar hit and stillness resolves illness. The green beauty and stone mossy rock of Ubud quells the anxiousness. Morning sun and afternoon drenching brings out […]